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Five reasons
to host a CloudRest Lounge
Zero Investment
Unlike other Franchise model, there is no need to block huge amounts of your money on Assets. With CloudRest, you just have to sign up with us and we will take care of the rest — absolutely no investment from your end.
Generate Additional Revenues
If you have any empty space in your premises, we want you to host our Massage Machines to generate additional revenues.
Backed by IoT Technology to keep track of operations
All CloudRest Massage Machines are embeded with a patented IoT chip which helps you monitor and track the machine usage through the CloudRest Mobile App. So when you host a CloudRest Lounge — you have complete control!
Assured zero-cost maintenance & product support
If you’re planning on becoming a CloudRest Host but worried about maintenance & product support — Don’t Worry! All CloudRest Massage Machines come with a AMC that covers all manufacturing defects & usage related problems. And we will also replace the CloudRest Massage Machines in your space every 24 months — giving your business a brand-new look & feel without incurring any cost on your end.
No additional commitments
We don’t want our Hosts to worry on any additional payments or commitments to CloudRest. We work on purely revenue sharing model.
Everyone, everywhere
deserves some rest & easy money.
For all owners of Malls, Salons, Coffee shops, Hotels, Resorts, Offices, Cabs, etc,. — we have a great opportunity for you. Join us as a Host & you can earn from your space. How? Give us access to your space, we will deploy the highly valuable massage machines, and your revenue starts immediately.
CloudRest gives you an option to earn extra revenues that is safe, secure, and gives you long-term growth opportunity. All you have to do is allow us to setup a CloudRest Massage Lounge at your unused and extra space — and you can start earning immediately by providing premium Massage Therapy to your guests.

A CloudRest Massage Lounge consists of massage machines such as Portable Back Massagers, Leg Massagers, & Full-Body Massagers — ranging from as low as Rs 10,000/- to Rs 3,60,000/-. These machines are powered with a patented IoT enabled technology that allows you to control, operate, and monitor the machines exclusively through the CloudRest Mobile App.
How it works?
1. Get in touch with us
2. Sign Up
3. Install the CloudRest Mobile App
4. That’s it!
Fill up your details on the form below and our executive will get in touch with you. We will visit your premises to assess the space & understand the average footfalls. Through this we can advise you on the CloudRest Smart Massagers that would generate the most optimum revenue for your location.
Once you’ve understood the workings of a CloudRest Massage Lounge and its offerings, we’ll sign a contract that gives us permission to set up a CloudRest Massage Lounge at your premises.
Next, you & your team shall install the CloudRest Mobile App that gives you absolute control & monitoring of the Smart Massage Machines installed at your premises. This is to protect the Lounge from unauthorised usage which can affect your revenues.
Yep. That’s it. No more setup. Your customers can start getting quick & efficient Massage Therapy through the CloudRest Smart Massage Machines immediately upon launch. And don’t worry about maintenance. That’s our headache. You, as a Host, do not have to spend anything on AMC of the CloudRest Smart Massage Machines and General Maintenance of the CloudRest Massage Lounge.
If you’ve scrolled this far, then you’re probably interested in our Alternate Income Plan. That’s okay. We’re here for you. You can contact us on the number below or email us or fill up the form — and we will call you to take it forward.
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