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Five reasons to invest on CloudRest
Only on Physical Assets
CloudRest investments are on Machines — actual physical product that are billed in your name, that can be tracked through GPS, and usage will be monitored through the CloudRest Mobile App. Unlike virutal assets such as Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Commodities, etc., you don’t have to worry about your investments disappearing.
Low Starting Point
When you’re investing in CloudRest Smart Massagers, the starting point of your investment is as low as Rs 10,000/- and can go up to Rs 3,60,000/-.
Backed by IoT Technology
All CloudRest Massage Machines are embedded with a patented IoT chip. So when you invest with us, you can completely monitor and track your assets on a real-time basis.
Fixed Rentals
Unlike most investments which are subject to factors such as market sentiments, etc,. CloudRest investments are not subject to Market Risks. We give you a fixed rent every month on your CloudRest Massage Machine.
Planned ROI
Through our guaranteed monthly rent of 4% and our buy-back promise — you can calculate your ROI before you invest with us. For your info, our model is structured to help you earn atleast 48% profit on your Investment.
How it works?
1. Get in touch with us
2. Sign Up with CloudRest
Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll make a official payment to CloudRest and we will bill the Machines on your name. This way, you can be assured that you are the legal and true owner of the CloudRest Smart Massage Machines.
3. Lease Back
Next, we sign a 12-month Lease agreement with you for the Machines you’ve invested in effectively guaranteeing a fixed monthly rental income.
4. Deployment
Armed with your Machines in inventory, we deploy them in high-footfall places such as Malls, IT Offices, Sports Arenas, Airports, etc,. Your Machines start generating revenue immediately on deployment — and we pay your Rent, as committed, every month.
5. Keep earning or we buy-back your asset
At the end of the 12-month Lease agreement, you have two options — you can either renew the lease and continue enjoying monthly rental income OR decide to opt out and we will buy-back the CloudRest Smart Massage Machines you’ve invested in after deducting a nominal depreciation rate.
It all starts with the first contact. Fill up your details on the form below and our executive will get in touch with you to discuss your investment & advise you on the assets & it’s deployment. We currently have four models of Smart Massage Machines available for investment & deployment.
4D Full Body Massager
Investment Amount — `3,60,000/-
Monthly Rent —
Portable Back Massager
Investment Amount — `10,000/-
Monthly Rent —
Leg Massager
Investment Amount — `40,000/-
Monthly Rent —
2D Advanced Back Massager
Investment Amount — `1,10,000/-
Monthly Rent —
Invest on any of these Smart Massage Machines, which guarantees you a minimum rental income of 3% EVERY MONTH & profit yield up-to 36% EVERY YEAR.  
If you’ve scrolled this far, then you’re probably interested in our Alternate Investment Plan. That’s okay. We’re here for you. You can contact us on the number below or email us or fill up the form — and we will call you to take it forward.
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We know you have questions. Why shouldn’t you! You’re about to invest your hard earned money & we would be surprised if you were to take a jump without doing your homework first. Rest assured, we are here to answer ALL your questions.
How this is a zero-risk investment?
We invest your money in Healthcare products — invoiced in your name. You can also verify where your product has been deployed, through CloudRest Smart App. If you choose to quit or exit your investment, just let us know, & we will deliver your product home after refurbishing or you can opt for our buyback plan.
How long does it take to get my return on investment?
Within 12 months. Period. To know more about how this Returns plan works visit our INVESTMENT PLAN page.
What is the expected income?
You can always expect a return of around 5% to 8% every month. This can vary depending on the Return Scheme you opt for. Read more about the Returns Scheme here.
How safe is my investment?
You’re investments are 100% secure & safe. CloudRest does NOT use your money in secret transactions. We invest your money immediately on physical & real healthcare products that come with unique MAC ID that can be tracked through our app. You will also get Machine Ownership Document, invoice & insurance in your name. So you know when & where you money is invested — with complete proof.
Does your company has RBI Approval ?
Since you have invested your money on our products & we lease it back from you — we don’t technically come under RBI regulations.
I’m interested but I need more information before I take a decision.
Of course. We wouldn’t want you to take a decision immediately if you’re not sure. Talk to use & we will help you with all your queries. Fill this form below & someone from our team will call you or set up a meeting.
Who uses the assets purchased from your investment?
Your assets are deployed in places with heavy footfalls such as Malls, Hypermarkets, Co-Working Office Spaces, IT Parks, Coporate Offices, Salons, Gyms, Fitness Centers, & not to forget our portable massagers in Cabs & Buses, etc,.
What is CloudRest?
CloudRest is a health-tech startup with a vision of delivering health & wealth to everybody. We deliver health through our products & wealth through our investment plans.
Too many questions in your mind?
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